T.V. Show Review: The Walking Dead

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“The Walking Dead” 2010 Inter title

Lately I had been feeling that the horror genre has become stale with show that have very little substance, but instead decide to use gore as the only shock value.  I was about to give up all to together until I watched “The Walking Dead”.

A fan of the Television show first and the graphic novel second, I would have to say without a doubt this is one of the most well written media about the Zombie apocalypse I have ever seen.

The most interesting aspect of this show that sets it apart is that, for the first time, the zombies are more of a story & visual backdrop to the real turmoil the group survivors on the show are facing in their scary new post infection world.  With a quickly decaying society with no rules and the rise of the undead, the  most threatening thing to the group is the group members themselves.

The survivors are being tested on a daily basis to hold on to some shred of humanity.  The show also goes deeper to touch on the real reason people are fascinated with zombies.  Unlike how easy it would be to kill a vampire or a werewolf, having to shoot what was once considered your mother, sister, boyfriend, child, wife, or a loved one  is an entire different subject matter.

The creators have created truly deep and engrossing characters that we the watchers have come to love (or hate).   These characters appeal to us being that we might side with them because we might take the same action or path that they do or we completely disagree with how the handle their current situation.

Having such great characters to watch comes at a steep price.  Because of the natural flow of the show any character can or might be “killed off” at anytime to give us a sense of dread that all are expendable.   No one is safe from episode to episode as I have seen some of my favorites killed off between the first two seasons. This process alone has taught me to watch each episode on the edge of our seats.

With Season three coming up in the Fall I suggest that if you haven’t seen Season 1 or 2 to get yourself up to date as soon as you can. Trust me you won’t regret it!!

Crooklyn’s Rating: 5 out 5 stars


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