Father’s Day 2012

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June 27, 2012 by CrooklynMayoKMJr

Recently Father’s Day 2012 has passed and this is my fifth one as a dad.  In all this time I have learned that being one is one of the hardest, but the most rewarding jobs in the world.  There have been a lot things I have done in my life but nothing comes close to being a Dad.

To all the men out there doing what needs to be done, breaking the normal cycle, this day is for you.

For the past six years I have had the honor of having the title of “Daddy” attach to my persona. My two children have change my life in ways their little minds can not yet understand.

I use to wake up in the morning just going through the motions, but now I move with the purpose of making a better world for my children.

To all the Fathers, Daddies, Papis, Pop-Pops,  Padres, Papas, or whatever name your work with: I salute you for being the role model that you are.  It is Understandable that you may not have the all the answers, but you at least know some of them (the more important ones at least)

I salute you for being there for your sons & daughters, all their emotional needs even if you have no clue who the hell Justin Bieber is or why they are wearing skinny jeans.

Because in the end the only important thing is…….Your in your child’s life & that’s the best place to be!!

My two little ones…….


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